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New Jersey Agriculture in the Classroom

Programs & Events

The Many Hats of a Farmer

Many people have an idea about what a farmer does but few realize the components there are to running a successful farm. Using 7 student volunteers, this skit presents each person with the tools needed to complete the tasks of farmer, business manager, meteorologist, scientist, nutritionist, veterinarian and mechanic. This hands-on demonstration introduces NJ farmers to the class and teaches students about the "Many Hats of a Farmer" in an entertaining format. This is a free program.

The Farmer Grows a Rainbow on My Plate

This program helps students develop awareness that farmers provide the variety and abundance of food and dairy needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Using Accurate AG books, lesson plans and interactive activities, students will learn how the farmer grows the foods we eat. With resources from the USDA and, students can learn good nutrition and how to sort food into groups for lifelong good health. This is a free program.

Presentations on NJ Agricultural Commodities

These 20 minute companion talks introduce NJ farmers to students first hand! Our members include dairy farmers, vegetable and fruit farmers, nursery (flowers and plants) farmers, grain farmers, beekeepers, livestock producers and fiber farmers. These programs are paired with one of the other presentations, to develop a deeper connection between the on-farm and non-farm communities. This is a free program.

Professional Development Workshops

Taught by farm women, these 3 hour workshops give life to NJ's nickname: "The Garden State." Using Accurate AG books – from a farm perspective – these programs are available with a focus on Science or Math/Literacy. Several books are presented with a teacher's guide for each. We will present make-n-takes and mini workshops that bring agriculture to your lessons. Each lesson is tied to NJ Common Core Standards for ease of use in teacher lesson plans and is provided electronically free of charge to each teacher. This is a free program.